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Our Clinics

At AD Wellness, we place a high importance on holistic health. We  welcome all men, women and children to heal well, move well and live well.  We encourage all our patient to grow and improve the quality of life short and long term.

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Beckenham Clinic

Our Beckenham Clinic is a private home clinic, The clinic is quiet, calming and airy perfect for treatments.  We are just a 15 minute walk from Eden park and Elmers end station and are accessible by the 194, 356 and 358 bus routes .

 Free street parking is available.

Ankita, our Beckenham osteopath will be here to help you fix your injuries and feel better so can enjoy life.

Contact Us

87 Greenview Avenue, 



Treatments available in Beckenham

Osteopathy Initial consultation ( £68)  

Osteopathy follow up (£58)

Woman's Health Osteopathy ( £68)

Medical Acupuncture Initial consultation (£68)

Medical Acupuncture follow up (£58)

Mat Pilates 121 (£68)

Timings Available

Monday 9am – 6.30pm

Thursday 9am – 6.30pm

Forest Lake
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