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Osteopath beckenham, Osteoapth in Weybridge

About Osteopathy 

Osteopathy is a manual medicine that works on muscles, joints, ligaments and connective tissue. Osteopaths use a combination of movements, stretching, deep tissue massage and joint manipulations to help improve function, reduce pain and enhance recovery. They focus on the body’s natural ability to heal and restore function.

Osteopaths are trained medical professionals with an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and an understanding of the musculoskeletal system.  This allows us to be able to examine the body, assess posture and to be able to diagnose conditions with a high level of expertise. The aim is to always find the root cause of your problem and provide pain relief. Osteopaths will also be able to refer you to another medical professional should your case be out of our remit.


Osteopathy was founded by an American physician and surgeon Dr Andrew Taylor Still in the 1800s in Kirksville, Missouri.  Still believed in using minimal surgery interventions to allow the ability to self heal and to restore the body’s optimum health. His goal focused on the unity of the body and free flow of fluids which pioneered treatment for the musculoskeletal system.

What to expect?

Osteopathy can be provided independently or from a referral by a medical professional.

On your first visit, a full detailed medical case history is taken of symptoms, previous history, diet and lifestyle. The affected area is examined along with other related structures of the body, and an examination of your posture. This all involves going through simple movements and palpating muscle tension to allow a diagnosis to be made. The diagnosis and an osteopathic treatment plan will then be discussed with you.


Osteopathic treatment

Techniques include a variety of methods:

Soft & deep tissue massage

Joint mobilisations

Joint manipulations

Muscle energy techniques

Stretching exercises

Rehabilitation strengthening exercising 

Gentle techniques functional and cranial


The appropriate treatment according to your case will be given, with posture and lifestyle advice. Our aim is to provide you the knowledge and tools to make a lifestyle change and to help reduce the pain to improve your overall health.

Please wear comfortable loose clothing for your appointment.

Who needs it?

Osteopathy can help people of all ages and in different stages of life, from teenagers to the elderly.

Our osteopathy in Beckenham works to aid musculoskeletal conditions and helps with injury prevention and recovery.


Common conditions are:


Generalised aches and pain

Headaches & migraines

Acute and chronic back pain

Shoulder conditions

Hip conditions

Knee conditions

Ankle sprains

Muscular problems

Pre and post pregnancy

Sports injuries

Postural problems

Post-surgery recovery

Digestion problems

Arthritic pain

Repetitive strain injuries


We can help!

If you are suffering with any of the above conditions, or you have recently had a back injury that you would like looked at, then why not come to our clinic where we can provide you with osteopathy in Beckenham and osteopathy in Weybridge.

Our experienced staff always strive for perfection and will use their knowledge to find the cure for your pain, and also put in place a plan to prevent it in the future!

You can email us or book online directly with us in our Beckenham and Weybridge clinic.

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