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Mummy MOT 
Weybridge & Beckenham


We are delighted to be a certified Mummy MOT practitioner at AD Wellness. We are passionate at helping new mum's get back to their new busy lives, with less pain and feeling better.


Mummy Mot is a specialist assessment  to help post natal mum's to recover from birth.  The assessment is suitable for all mum's after a vaginal birth or cesarean delivery. We recommend you to have the assessment

after 6 weeks for vaginal birth and after 8 weeks for a cesarean birth.


The Mummy MOT is designed to help you recover from birth with specialised rehabilitation to get you back onto your feet. It is recommended for all new mum’s to have the Mummy MOT assessment.

Common problems that new mum's experience after giving birth;

Diasticis recti (separation of the abdominal muscle)

Muscular imbalances

Back pain

Pelvic pain

Rib pain

Pelvic floor weakness

Weak bladder

Coccyx pain

Urine and fecal Incontinence

Painful intercourse

Scar tissue with C sections

What Happens at Mummy MOT

The Mummy Mot assessment includes posture check, function and strengthen of the abdominal and pelvic areas.

Arrive in loose comfortable clothing, we then go through a detailed history of your pregnancy and labour.

 We check for muscle imbalance, assessment of tummy gap, functional movement and pelvic floor strength.

A tailor made treatment plan is then created for you to target specific areas of  instability and weakness so that you can get back to enjoying life as soon as possible.

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